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Actually, I haven’t never had any commission nowadays.
My music is very bad, I know and I’m very sorry. When I was very young the first 3 composition’s teachers (harmony, counterpoint and composition) always said to me to stop writing, making music and breaking balls.
The 4th one said to me to write on toilet paper to marketing purpose (I did, but it recalled inside me II world war inhuman conditions of all people, in particular culture’s ones, then I had to stop). The 5th one said to me “Bye”.
Please, do not listen.
I’m very grateful.

My prizes and selections

I prize
Dragoni Prize – Società del Quartetto (Milan). Commission board: Paolo Arcà, Hatto Beyerle, Sonia Bo, Ivan Fedele, Cristiano Gualco,  Fabio Vacchi

III prize
Pierre Schaeffer Prize – AMP (Pescara)


«Mauricio Kagel» Competition (Wien). Commission board: Michael Jarrell, Isabel Mundry, Robert HP Platz, Rebecca Saunders, Marco Stroppa.

«Feeding the music» Competition (Milan). Commission board: Sandro Gorli, Carlo Boccadoro, Enzo Restagno, Ramón Encinar, Jean-Luc Hervé, Matthias Pintscher, Unsuk Chin, Liza Lim, David Lang, Cristian Morales-Ossio.

Some festival selections
Minikino Music Festival (Bali)
NYCEMF (New York City)
LA Cine Festival (Los Angels), Boomtown Film and Music Festival (Beaumont, TX)
Synchresis (Valencia and Granda)vEAR (Lugano)
Bauhaus reload (Dresden – Berlin)
Today’s music (Rome)
Crisis and Rebirth (Genova)
Punti di ascolto nr. 6 (Cemat)
Apocalypse project (San Fedele Milano)

Da Vinci (Osaka) [paperback worldwide]
Babelscores (Paris) [digital and paperback worldwide]
Da Vinci (Osaka)
Band Camp
Babelscores (Paris)