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Commissions & Publishers

Actually, I haven’t never had any commission nowadays. My music is very bad, I know! I’m so sorry but I’d appreciate if you take a bit of your time to listen to it. Thank you!

My prizes and selections

I prize: Dragoni Prize – Società del Quartetto (Milan). Commission board: Paolo Arcà, Hatto Beyerle, Sonia Bo, Ivan Fedele, Cristiano Gualco,  Fabio Vacchi

III prize: Pierre Schaeffer Prize – AMP (Pescara)

Finalist: «Mauricio Kagel» Competition (Wien). Commission board: Michael Jarrell, Isabel Mundry, Robert HP Platz, Rebecca Saunders, Marco Stroppa

Finalist: «Feeding the music» Competition (Milan). Commission board: Sandro Gorli, Carlo Boccadoro, Enzo Restagno, Ramón Encinar, Jean-Luc Hervé, Matthias Pintscher, Unsuk Chin, Liza Lim, David Lang, Cristian Morales-Ossio


Some festival selections: Minikino Music Festival (Bali), NYCEMF (New York City), LA Cine Festival (Los Angels), Boomtown Film and Music Festival (Beaumont, TX), Synchresis (Valencia and Granda), EAR (Lugano), Bauhaus reload (Dresden – Berlin),  Today’s music (Rome), Crisis and Rebirth (Genova), Punti di ascolto nr. 6 (Cemat), Apocalypse project (San Fedele Milano).

My publishers: Da Vinci edition (Osaka) [paperback worldwide] – Babelscores (Paris) [digital and paperback worldwide]

Da Vinci (Osaka)
Band Camp
Babelscores (Paris)